Our Non-Traditional Loans Fit Your Unique Circumstances

When you’re ready to buy but don’t meet documentation requirements for a traditional mortgage, Change Home Mortgage can help. We offer loan options tailored to the needs of unique buyers.

Community Mortgage

Many homebuyers face obstacles with qualifying during the underwriting process. If your income history fluctuates or you’re unable to provide the lengthy earnings history required, qualifying for a traditional loan becomes a challenge. That’s why we created an alternative to traditional, more rigid loans. Our unique Community Mortgage program makes it possible for you to qualify for the financing you need, even if your income documentation is limited.

Ideal for:
Borrowers who are self-employed, who own small businesses, who have volatile or irregular income, retirees, seasonal and gig workers, real estate investors, owners and employees of cash businesses, newly self-employed, those transitioning from recent health, family or other life events, those looking to tap trapped home equity, recent immigrants, and those with disqualified income.

Investor Program

If you want to invest in a property without using traditional debt-to-income qualifying requirements, our Investor Program offers unique qualifying options as well as rates closer to Prime. As a borrower, you can use your property’s rental income cash flow or choose lower loan-to-value ratios as alternatives to conventional limitations.

Ideal for:

Borrowers who prefer not to use debt-to-income criteria or are unable to qualify using conventional loan requirements.

Alt-Doc Program

Have a lack of income or credit documentation impeding your home buying plans? If so, our Alt-Doc Program provides an alternative. This unique loan option enables flexible qualifying methods such as asset depletion and/or bank statement submissions to qualify.

Ideal for:

Borrowers who do not meet traditional documentation requirements, but want the chance to qualify using flexible alternatives.

Prime Plus Program

When buying or refinancing a home, it’s possible the cost could fall just outside conventional financing guidelines. Our exclusive Prime Plus Program goes one step beyond traditional jumbo loans by offering additional, flexible options to help finance your dream home.

Ideal for:

Borrowers who struggle to meet conventional loan requirements.

Foreign National Program

Qualifying for conventional financing for a U.S. property can be challenging for Foreign Nationals due to traditional asset documentation requirements. Change Home Mortgage has designed a mortgage program that serves non-U.S. citizen borrowers who want to buy or refinance a second home or investment property. Homebuyers can qualify based on the rental income of the property - credit scores are not required to qualify.

Ideal for:

Non-U.S.-citizen borrowers who want to purchase a second home or investment property. This program serves non-resident aliens who holds a visa for temporary residency, not Non-Permanent Resident Alien status.

EZ Prime Program

EZ Prime offers quick qualifying based on loan-to-value, FICO, and liquidity. It features great rates for borrowers with a strong credit profile and ample reserves, reducing documentation for the credit underwriting decision. With EZ Prime, income is not verified and debt-to-income is not calculated.

Ideal for:

EZ Prime is Ideal for borrowers with a strong credit profile and ample reserves

Bridge Loan

When you’ve found the home you want to buy but your funds aren’t freed up from a previous property, Change Home Mortgage’s Bridge Loan can close the gap. This short-term, interest-only financing helps borrowers purchase an investment property without having to wait for another property to sell, a commission to come through, or another source of funds to become available.

Ideal for:

The Bridge Loan is ideal for borrowers who are ready to buy an investment property and prefer to use short-term financing.  

Piggyback Second Lien

For borrowers who would like to make a down payment of less than 20% on their property and not have to pay mortgage insurance, the Piggyback Second Lien can be an attractive option. Paired with Change’s Community Mortgage or Investor first mortgage, this fixed-rate, interest-only, 30-year-term loan* offers quick qualifying based on common-sense underwriting and reduces the equity out of pocket that the borrower needs to use for their primary residence, second home, or investment property purchase.

*Interest-only for the first 10 years; fully amortized over remaining 20 years.

Ideal for:

The Piggyback Second Lien is ideal for borrowers securing a first lien with the Community Mortgage or Investor program who want to qualify using LTV, FICO, and reserves, preserve equity, or pay a lower down payment (but not have to pay for mortgage insurance) on their property purchase.

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